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Network & Application Performance Optimization


Bridge Group Services consultants can assist you in resolving performance problems by providing solutions to optimize your network and business applications.

Our consultants are certified System Architecture Engineers with expertise in networking and application performance. We can help you optimize your networks and applications to improve overall performance or satisfy new needs, helping your business leverage its technology investment.

If you are looking to engage the top security consulting firm in the industry then please contact Bridge Group Services now.

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Network Requirements Analysis: Ensuring your applications will give you the performance you want in your current network.

Bandwidth Management Strategies: Measuring application usage and priorities to recommend bandwidth management strategies.

Application Tuning: Tuning applications to run more effectively in your enterprise network environment.

Application Reconfiguration: Partnering with your application development staff to make recommended changes to ensure network applications are efficient users of network bandwidth.

Testing: Analyzing the network for errors. Resolving specific problems on the network or the application.

Network/Application Review: Combination of network benchmarking, application performance review and modeling.


  • Certify the performance of the application
  • Establish a baseline for end user response time
  • Build a service level agreement
  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Separate the performance of applications from the network
  • Resolve issues causing poor application response time
  • Analyze the efficiency that tasks are executed
  • Provide a unique visualization of the network traffic